Saturday, January 3, 2009

Daddy's JMU Graduation

YAY Mike! We are so excited and proud of Daddy. Mike graduated from James Madison University in December with a degree in accounting. We were sitting where the graduates would line up to walk across stage. When Henry saw Mike he got so excited and wanted to be with him. It was pretty cute!
This is Mike and the Dean of the College of Business. Mike served on the Student Advisory Counsel with 10 of his peers. He spent a lot of time with Dean Reid and enjoyed his experience with the group.

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JMU vs. VillaNova

Our beloved Duke Dog. Henry loves this guy. What's not to love. J-M-U wish you had a Duke Dog!

This crazy guy ran out after every JMU score. Covered in bright green spandex from head to toe. It's definitely a good thing that people couldn't tell who he was. Spandex is not very flattering, especially for a guy! Yuck!

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These boots are made for walkin'

I saw these rainboots before Henry was born and I loved them! My Dad bought them for Henry when he was born. I was very excited for the day to come that he could wear them. He still has lots of growing room, but I can't believe my little baby is big enough to wear what seemed like huge boots when we got them.
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JMU vs. Wofford

JMU was in the national playoffs again this year. It was extra exciting for us because they were ranked #1 and had home field advantage! Every touchdown was accompanied by purple and gold steamers everywhere.

The JMU quarterback is pretty fun to watch. #7, Rodney Landers, can do it all.

The JMU Marching Royal Dukes are a prestigious program. They were in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2 days before this game. They are pretty impressive.
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