Friday, August 22, 2008

Over and Out

We are off for another week at the beach. We are heading to Hilton Head, South Carolina this time. Many pictures will follow, I'm sure!

Before and After

We've been slowly working on food storage this summer. We could definitely survive for awhile, but it would not be appetizing at this point :) One thing that I've been anxious about is our water storage. We got a really nice water filter and some water bottles with filters with our "Bush money" earlier this summer, but we didn't have much water stored. I wasn't sure how to do it in such a small apartment. {Our apartment seems to be shrinking as Henry gets older!}. A friend told me that she stores her water in all her old soda and juice bottles. Hmm. We don't drink soda and we get frozen juice for now. I was so excited when she told me that they had extra bottles they had been storing that I was welcome to have! Henry was just as excited to play with a large trash bag worth of empty soda bottles.

It took awhile to rinse them all out and fill them up, but the results are very comforting for me! We have 2 weeks supply of water now. Now I need to remember to refill them every 6 months. They are tipped over sideways on the kitchen floor right now to make sure they don't leak. We are going to have to store them under our bed for now.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sending Kisses

Big Boy Nap

I think this should be an official milestone. It just seems like such a toddler thing to do. I'm not quite sure how they actually sleep like that, but it is the cutest thing.
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Visit from the Cousins

Caleb and Grace came to visit us earlier this week. They are such sweet kids. Grace does everything Caleb does. I left the room to check on Henry and when I came back I found them reading together. I have never met a 3 year old little boy that is so loving and so good to the little children around him. Don't get me wrong...he has his moments, but he makes up for them 10 fold.

While they were reading, Henry was hanging out in a box. I think Henry is going to be some sort of high adventure sportsman. Anything he can climb into or on top of, he's there!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prize Sheep

The noises coming from these guys were cracking me up. I'm not sure who I felt more sorry for...the girl or the sheep she's man handling!

County Fair

We took Henry to the County Fair yesterday. He liked checking out the animals and watching all the people. He really liked the chickens, probably because they were eye level to him.

That guy needed to rest his legs after carrying around those suckers!

Paris Hilton was seen carrying one of these the other day...oh wait, that's a rabbit.

This was the friendliest ram. He loved being pet and his eyes would roll back in his head. So cute! Henry warmed up to him and liked feeling his soft wool.

Henry wasn't sure what to think about the calves. He liked checking them out from a distance.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Super Freak

If there is a Michael Phelps fan club, sign our family up! I have been a big fan of swimming lately {check out this old post} and this American swim team has only heightened the obsession. I use to think cyclists were the #1 athelete, but now I definitely think it's an olympic swimmer. Michael Phelps seems to be unstoppable. I heard a George Washington University researcher say that his body was the closest to a dolphin's body that they have seen in a swimmer. If you haven't seen him swim, check out the videos here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kamping {not really}

We love to camp. Last weekend I talked Mike into going to a KOA Kampground. I thought it would be nice for a change. It would be a little easier and there would be things to do. They had a nice river/creek running through the property that was nice to wade and swim in. Other than that, the experience was not so pleasant. The campsites were on top of each other. On 3 of our 4 sides, we had a fighting couple, some loud drunk people that listened to Johnny Cash on repeat all night {I like Johnny Cash, so that could have been worse}, and a Girl Scout Troop. It was like the freshman dorm room all over again! Mike came to the conclusion that most people that don't like to camp have probably only been to a campground. Never again!

Henry loves his little camping chair. He will just sit there and watch everything around him. We had just come back from the creek and Henry was watching his Daddy cook on the fire.

He still took pretty good naps, despite Johnny Cash in his ear.
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Our Dashing Little Man

I got this suit for Henry months ago. I was counting down the days until he could walk so that he could wear it! His adorableness {not really a word, i know} completely exceeded my expectations :) There was plently of growing room, so it looks like there will be many Sundays to come in this stylin' pin-striped seersucker.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Until I get Henry's birthday party pictures from my sister, check these out on her blog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I've been "tagged" a few times and always seemed to ignore them. I figured it was time to participate.

How To Play This Game of Tag:Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

3 joys:
~Jesus Christ and His amazing gospel. It's such a blessing to have His example and His atonement in my life. My other joys are thanks to Him.
~My husband. Knowing how much he does for us. Knowing that he loves me {despite myself}. Laughing at his jokes {when they are actually funny :)}.
~My son. Oh my goodness...where do I start.

3 fears:
~That something will happen to me and my son won't know/remember how much I love him.
~That I will always worry about everything.
~That I won't be able to run and play with my teenagers.

3 goals:
~To provide a safe, loving and peaceful home for my husband and children.
~To become a La Leche League leader
~To get a dog {after we buy a house}

3 current obsessions/collections:
~Feeling closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ {I just started reading Jesus the Christ}
~Anything Birth...I'm a junkie.
~Our fresh vegetables from our CSA share.

3 facts about myself:
~I love peace and quiet. I'm just now really realizing this about myself.
~I love ice cream.
~I love my feet.

I tag Lindsay, Kristy, Lauren V, Lauren S, and Cami.