Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting to know Annie...

It took only a few days of Annie checking out Henry before she realized...

...that she could love this little guy. She has gotten quite attached. She is always checking up on him. If we are out in the back yard, Annie won't come inside until Henry is inside. It's pretty cute.

This was so darn pitiful. Mike came home from work late and tried to get Annie to go outside and go potty. She wouldn't move a muscle and begged him with her eyes to leave her be.

Such a pretty girl.
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This little man cracks me up. If the nap head wasn't enough...look at that face! He definitely has his mother's gift for facial expressions {and not being able to hide what she is thinking} :)
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Snowy Day

This is the view from the deck off of the kitchen/dining area. We like the convenience of living down town and in a neighborhood {someone else mows the lawn}, but are glad that we have this tree line and some privacy behind us. The area between the trees and the fences to the left is a common area.

Our little tree from our bay window in the front of the house.
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Our New Home :)

5 weeks later and I think we are close to settling in. We love our new home. I took these pictures this morning. I have been sick for 3 days, so not all the rooms were picture worthy today :) This is our dining area. The doors lead out to a deck overlooking our backyard. The counter you see to the right is part of the kitchen {not picture worthy}.

I am standing at the front door in this picture. We are still deciding what to put on the walls. I hope to get a matching frame {if Target ever restocks!} to put on the other side of the shelf with the Christus. Down the hall is a closet and the half bath. To the left of those are the stairs going down to the basement and up the second floor.

This is the other half of our front room. We are looking for a rug to go under the furniture. Mike wants shag and I want oriental...hmm.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Announcing...Annie {our Anna Banana}

Our beautiful little girl. She's a very lanky one year old. She follows Henry everywhere! It's so cute. If they are in the backyard together, she won't come in until he does.

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Almost back...

What a crazy two months! I think some people thought there was something wrong. If I'm not blogging, I must be sick :) We have had a very busy couple months. As mentioned before, Mike finished school {for now at least} in December. A couple days before that we had an offer on a house accepted. Christmas was nice, especially with Henry at this age! We closed on the house on January 16th. We spent the next week painting, my brother-in-law and sister did most of the work...THANK YOU! We have been moving in and settling for the past couple weeks. We love our new home. Meanwhile, I really haven't had internet access to be able to post {or really the time either}. We got our new computer last night and we should have internet later in the week. I'll be posting lots of pictures soon. The most recent exciting event has been the edition of our new baby girl... a one year old female doberman! She has melted our hearts...wait until you see her!