Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back Home on the Farm...

We recently went to the Back Home on the Farm located just outside of Harrisonburg and had a great time as a family.
The 60 foot slide that goes underground.

Henry doesn't look too happy in the picture but he loved it and wanted to go again.

They have their own indoor carousel and Henry loved riding the horses.

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They even had piglet races!

They were pretty fast piglets.

Henry loved seeing all the animals especially the goats.

and makin' some music...
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Of course we went through the Corn Maze

Henry loved the "Cow Train" so much so that he had to ride it twice.

Here's a view from the slightly bumpy ride.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prenatal Home Visit

We had a prenatal visit at our house this morning. I am almost 31 weeks along and feeling pretty good. If there was a safe way to sleep in water, I think I'd be great :) Henry has been so cute at all my prenatals. Mike was able to be there this morning, so we got some good pictures. Though I wish he was in them too!

Henry loves to help with everything the ladies are doing...and takes it very serious :)

But always takes a time-out for a cuddle break!