Friday, August 28, 2009

Loving these days!

We love this little guy! Henry is so fun and so sweet. Don't get me wrong...he definitely wakes up on the wrong side of the bed once in awhile. But even then, he is usually more pitiful than terrible. He loves to play with his trains, he would let us read to him all day if we would, he says the sweetest things to us all the time, and loves to cuddle with the baby in my tummy. And he is just so darn cute! He was extra extra excited when Mike came home from his last business trip. He talked for days about how Daddy was back :)

Henry has had a lot of changes in the past couple weeks. We have been working on potty training and Henry has started going to bed on his own. I really didn't plan to potty train yet, but Henry started asking to go after I would or after I would take off his diaper. I figured I better not miss this window of opportunity. He's doing very well with it. It's so cute seeing his skinny bum in pants that won't stay up anymore :)
Henry is also going to bed and down for naps on his own. Until recently, we would lay with him until he fell asleep. With my bump getting bigger and bigger, we knew things needed to change. I thought it was going to be quite the dramatic experience, but Henry has proved me wrong. He has been going down so well! During his nap today, Henry was playing with his bed frame a lot. I told him he needed to stop playing and close his eyes and go to sleep. I guess he played until the last second :)
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Henry the Hero

My sister made this superhero cape for Henry for his birthday. We love it! I had seen one at Pufferbellies that I loved, but it wasn't personalized and made with love like this one. As if Henry didn't already know he was hot stuff.

Even a superhero gets tired sometimes. Lili would have toted him around all day if she didn't have to share him with others :)

Cake Time!

Much different from this time last year...Henry now understands what cake is! I wanted to make cupcakes for Henry's party, but the idea of making 50 of them {Henry has a lot of family in the area} didn't sound too great with everything else going on. Mike has been wanting a Costco cake for some time, so I decided to go with that. OH-MY-GOODNESS! I would have never guessed. I went with a white cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese icing. YUM...even with it slightly warmed by the weather.

I had a hard time narrowing down some of the cake pictures because he is so darn cute in them all. This happy face pretty much sums up his day :)

Getting a lesson in blowing out birthday candles...

...and making sure he's doing it right.

Henry's Birthday Party

Henry turned two last week and we had a birthday party for him this weekend at a local park. Family and some of his little friends joined us for a cookout and some time on the playground. Fun was had by all {I hope!}. When it came time to open the presents, i couldn't get enough of how cute Henry and his friends were being together. We set Henry on the ground in the middle of the shelter and all the little ones swarmed. They all wanted to take turns giving Henry a present to open. I think I had 3, plus the baby bump, on my lap at one point. Henry was so interested in every single thing he opened. He wanted to spend time with each one before moving on...this drove his friends crazy :)